Alumil M6 SOLAR



A product line for standard curtain walls. This series was released after the classic curtain walls series and developed in three main directions:


-          Better insulation

-          Easy manufacture

-          Ideal drainage

 Main characteristics:


-          55 mm width of the horizontal and vertical elements;

-          Possible use of glass packets with 24 to 50 mm width;

-          Wide range of claddings and vertical profiles that offer variety of constructed walls, incl. decorative claddings of aluminum or stainless steel;

-          No mechanical equipment required;

-          Variety of applications – from standard straight constructions to complex and sloping atrium structures (in combination with atrium System M10800);

-          Cross-section to cover large bars;

-          Opening windows can be built in to lie in the same plane as the rest of the structure; possible use of M11000 series doors and windows;

-          Certified by the ITF Rosenheim Institute and classified in the highest category - Uf = 1,5 W/M2K.